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Mobile Room For A Person

Fri, Jun 17, 2011 | Other | By Kate

Architect Paolo Maldotti created this project NU-OVO for Tisettanta. This is a special space for a person and you can put inside anything you like. A round sofa with a table, a bed, a kitchen with on oven, sink and table, a bathtub or a shower with phytoterapy, a study or a home theater. ‘Uovo’ means ‘egg’ in Italian, so this ‘egg’ is divided into 8 segments, 6 of them are fixed and 2 are mobile. All the pieces are on the metal bases which are fixed on the floor with 8 legs. The structure is made of veneer finished with wax so you can use them inside and outside. You can choose materials, tissues and inner furniture by yourself.

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  1. Isabella Says:

    This is so neat! I can just see myself sitting there in my own little ‘world’ aka library.

  2. wendy-liondance Says:

    The design is so amazing…very simple but elegant…. hope you come up again with some other design that you can post next time… congratulations!

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