Modern Book and Magazine Holder – x-500 Magzbook from Stelton

Stelton was founded in 1960 and since than created modern, unique and stylish products for kitchen and other rooms. x-500 Magzbook is one of such products which they released in the second half of 2009. Troels Seidenfaden, designer of the Magzbook, created a multifunctional, innovative furniture of high quality in stainless steel and leather with an elegant, dark grey finishing. If you need a book or magazine holder which could be used almost in any room than Magzbook is the great choice. This small shelf (40H x 21L x 50W cm) could be putted on any table or even be used as small side table. It features as smartly-integrated storage for magazines and books as tabletop surface. [Stelton]

There is also other beautiful modern bathroom set which was released by Stelton in the beginning of the year.

Modern Book And Magazine Holder

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