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Modern Brick Home Design and Plan


This house is an evolution of a prototype of chinese courtyard house. Even though it has modern and mainmast look it establish a good relationship with the surrounding environment espically the big lake not so far away from it. It’s constructed from local materials, mostly of red bricks. Thanks to that and using local workers during construction works the cladding is almost perfect. Besides that also cut the project budget a lot. Client of brick house, an famous poet in China dived himself into whole process, he works together with architect. In the result they managed to crean clean and minimalist design with unique look. [Atelier Zhanglei]

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  1. Bryan Says:

    International Style comes to China! And yet…the brick work references traditional window lattices and northern Chinese houses. The wood interior is surprisingly light and airy. I can imagine an Irving Gill-recommended vines espaliering the exteriors with green in the summer and red in the winter.