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Modern Cat Scratcher

Tue, Jan 27, 2009 | Pet friendly ideas | By Mike

Cats are great pets if you live in apartment. Having a dog there isn’t as cool because of problems of big pet in small space. Cats just have one problem. They need to scratch something constantly. That isn’t possible to restrict them to do that. At least I couldn’t. Mostly that is your furniture or wallpapers.

The Moderncritter is possible solution to the problem. It’s bent plywood cat scratcher which is minimal and elegant in form yet provides a lot of flexibility in color. The scratcher takes up almost no floor space at all but could help to save your precious furniture. It’s made of 5/8″ thick RENEWABLE POPLAR plywood and is covered in A FURNITURE GRADE natural walnut veneer. It is coated in a SCRATCH RESISTANT, clear matte lacquer finish.

Anyway, if you like cats like I do but you also like your fresh interior than this cat scratcher is great addition to your home.

modern cat scratcher

bent plywood cat scratcher

bent cat scratcher

plywood cat scratcher

modern plywood cat scratcher

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Old Comments

  1. cty.gy.fromchi Says:

    very cool, this is definitely something tat everyone who owns a cat needs, including me!!!! all thought I am leaning towards an exchange, a dog exchange. nonetheless, very cool…

  2. Mike Says:

    I agree with you. I want to buy something like this when I get a cat =)

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