Modern Dog Bowls – Wild by Gaia & Gino

Usual dog dinnerware doesn’t look very attractive and easy could spoil any modern room design. For those people who like dogs, but aren’t ready to make their stylish interior worse Gaia & Gino offers its collection of dog bowls – Wild. These food and water bowls have the sculptural shapes are inspired by river rock and reflecting the paradox of the domesticated – nature evolved to fit into Man’s environment. They are capable to become an awesome item of your interior design and perfectly fit even ultra-modern one. These bowls are made of porcelain and available 3 colors: white, black and silver. They are presented in two sizes so you could buy them as for small as for big dogs. If you want such bowl for your pet then you could find more information about them and sale places on Gaia & Gino site.

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