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Modern Girl Bedroom Design Inspiration

Sat, Dec 11, 2010 | Kid bedroom designs | By Mike

The interior of this teen bedroom is decorated by former Domino market editor Tori Mellott. It’s designed for contest JCPenney that was running along with Teen Vogue magazine. The colors and the style of the room are things that are really great. It features beautiful vibrant pink elements but the color isn’t overwhelming like in some other girl rooms. Its combination with yellow is quite fresh and energizing. The contest was run during the launch of a new bedding line at JCPenney so it really plays an important role in the room. Those who search for inspiration to design a room for a modern girl can get some ideas from this room.

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Old Comments

  1. RS Says:

    these rooms are unbelievable! would have loved to hav a room like that when I was a teen.

  2. paige Says:

    hi im a teen and im getting my bedroom redocorated im really inspired by this look but cant find all the lamps and things to make it look nice:/

  3. amir Says:

    these rooms are
    of heaven not on the earth

  4. ritika bagga Says:

    it was amazing

  5. Alice Says:

    This has totally inspired me, I really love this look!
    Perfectly done,it makes the room look really big, but not minimalist and boring.
    It’s modern, fresh, viberant, young and spacious.
    Everything looks very expensive though, and where is the chair from? It’s laaaavley ;) <3

  6. Raye Says:

    this room is so amazing! I love every part of it! I am thirteen and am redecorating my room like this! thank you for your inspirational room!

  7. Paola Says:

    Thanks you guys for loving my bedroom I love it too. My mom found the wonderful bedding. I made up the board with all the pictures on it and my name and some wonderful quotes. All though my bedroom is cool it is kind of boring and I already have changed the walls to bright orange to go along with the center of the flower on the bedding thanks for loving it :) :) :)

    Thanks Again, Paola Cortez

  8. allyson Says:

    i just love these bed designs i want my room to look like those sooooo much!!!!!!!!!<3:)

  9. anna Says:

    what are some good inexpensive places to buy lamps, desks, pretty boxes and stuff like that? where can i find it? Love that room!

  10. Rachel Says:

    Okay, I realized there are many parents struggling to make sure that their teens have amazing bedrooms for there teen years, but parents there is no worries! It dosent need to be a 5,000,000 dollar room! Heres some ideas! Install white boards so your teen could draw on them, or what about wall stencis! Maybe even some decorative pillows and if your child has a couch in their room, put a cover on it! Sew diffrent fabrics onto the couch! Or use velcro!!!!! Personally, I’m 16, and redoing my room. Im doing this for my room! CANT WAIT! WOOHOO!

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