Modern Japanese Inspired House Design – Zen Garden House

David Jay Weiner, Architects, P.C. was founded with a focus on design and planning with the intention of providing quality architectural services. Their project in the town of Crestone, Colorado is one of examples of their high quality works. With population of 800 people, Crestone become an enclave of spiritual retreats in a past few decades. The house designed by David Jay Weiner is inspired by traditional Japanese architecture but with touch of modern style. This 1600 square feet residence contains three major interior spaces: a great room, which consist of living/dining/kitchen areas, a meditation room and a master bedroom. The exterior envelope consist of black corrugated-metal siding folds. Because of 330 sun days a year house has a photovoltaic panel to collect solar energy. The water is supplied by a well that access an aquifer. [David Jay Weiner]

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