Modern Modular Sofa and Armchair with Flexible Design from Blå Station

The main idea of new furniture from Blå Station is to create the ultra comfortable sofa and armchair from pillows. Many pillows with nice shapes organize excellent conditions for your relaxing after long working day. The Dunder sofa consits of several big cushions to sit on and a lot of small to lean your back and to rest your arm on them. You could experiment and create amazing combinations from several such sofas and armchairs. Thanks to a modular construction this furniture could fit to any room. For example you could decorate a big living room with a cool seven-sections corner sofa or in opposite to choose a small, but still comfortable two peson sofa for a less big room. Bright colors make this unusual uplostered furniture adaptable to modern interiors and it easily could to fresh any room design. You could find more information on Blå Station site. [via]

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