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Modern Monochromatic Wallpapers With 3D Effect – Shape & Form by Graham & Brown

Mon, Sep 20, 2010 | Wallpapers | By Mike

New Shape & Form collection by Graham & Brown consists of several cool modern wallpapers that are inspired by geometric shapes and use of shadows to create depth and texture. They come in a monochromatic color selection and are strict enough to use it in any room. The collection features embellished graphics with glossy finishes, metallic sheens, and fine tones. The collection consists of 7 different designs:

  • Checker features the geometric checkered wallpaper pattern that has 3D elements, which are further emphasized by glossy shadow effects. The squares of the checkered wallpaper are printed at different heights.
  • Ephemeral has a flowing geometric design. It combines texture, dots and shadow to create a fluid-brick effect.
  • Concave features a flowing ogee which is highlighted with flashes of gloss and metallic.
  • Cubix has a truly classic design shape which has been treated with gloss and metallic to create a geometric design.
  • Empire is inspired by the ancient art of paper folding and the growing trend for origami-esque products in the home. The gently folding pattern repeat of Empire adds a dash of metallic and gloss to subtly enhance and lift the pattern off the wall.
  • Ethos features evocative of the luxurious moiré fabric finish in which gentle waving pattern is balanced with a shiny finish. The Ethos design mixes matt and gloss with an intricate circle formation repeat to create a sinuous, meditative design.
  • Mensa is a reminiscent of retro rounded television screens. It hass simple graphic layout is brought to life by two contrasting texture depths creating a spherical effect for walls.
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  1. tapet Says:

    the 3d wallpaper is in trend for 2010-2011 and the black and white model looks fabulos on that wall

  2. trallallero Says:

    Where is it possible to buy this wallpapers ?

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