Modern Solar Powered Beach House

Solar power is a possible future for power in our homes. Year after year green ideas become stronger and solar power become stronger with them. Too bad that to power a house with solar energy it should be situated in right part of the planet. Zero Energy Design is one of not many studios that add complex solar solutions in their house designs.

Beach house in Truro is one of their works. It was designed to become perfect accommodation of a large family when their living their Boston residence for weekends and summers. There are a lot of bedrooms around the house and many of them have luxury water views. The roof sports a large solar electric array. A battery back-up and energy management system store electricity from the solar array to ensure the basic functions of the home through blackouts without the use of a gas-powered generator. Aside from energy efficient appliances and water heaters lighting system is also designed to be energy efficient
The combination the energy efficient building envelope and systems with the solar array will allow the home to produce as much energy as it uses over the course of a year.

beach solar house truro residence

beach solar house truro roof

beach solar house truro house

beach solar house

beach solar house truro entry

truro living room

beach solar house interior

beach solar house truro kitchen

beach solar house interior

beach solar house truro bedroom

beach solar house bathroom

beach solar residence

beach solar house roof fly view

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