Modern Storage Cabinets with Cool Illumination – Eo by Interluebke

If you are looking for spacious, functional and good-looking storage cabinets or wardrobes then products from Interluebke could be a great solution for you. The large variety of perfect wardrobes and cabinets allow everyone find the right model for their own interior design. One of the most unusual and interesting models is EO. It stands out from other modern storage cabinets by the cool illumination. The doors are transparent enough to pass the light, but yet can hide storage shelves with clothes and other stuff. You could chose the light color depends on your mood and create an amazing ambience in a room. These storage cabinets with changeable lights color could give you an opportunity to change your room every day, every hour or even every minute. You could find more information about these modern cabinets on Iterluebke site.

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