Modern Wall Fireplaces by Foc Design

Modern artificial fireplace is a very beautiful thing to have at home. It add warm and comfy touch and make the decor look more stylish and beautiful. There are plenty fireplace designs for every taste so everybody could choose one which suits them best without any troubles. Foc Design specialize in manufacture great modern fireplaces and wall-mount fireplaces are just some of them. Although they are very interesting because they usually aren’t very big and could be a nice decoration even for the apartment. Even thought they all have different design they also have common things too. They all have glass door covering the fire and a frame which setup an overall look of a fireplace.
Wall fireplaces are definitely all about “less is better” philosophy so they could be put near home theater, bookcases, work desk and so on. They are perfect for those who like watching fire flame and want personalize their home. Some of Foc Design modern wall fireplaces are even handmade. For more information, visit their website.

Wall Fireplace Peynote

Wall Fireplace Odissey

Wall Fireplace Ogami

Wall Fireplace Gallery

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