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Modular Seating Solution For Work And Leisure

Wed, Aug 10, 2011 | Chairs | By Kate

Rocking chair was invented long ago; it’s a necessary piece for sitting in front of a fireplace with a book and plaid, kind of a symbol of coziness. Modern rocking chairs are a little bit different and correspond the time and epoch. Transforming Carbon Armchair is a modular seating solution by designer Peter Vardai. It may be used as a rocking chair, a comfortable armchair for work and leisure. This grasshopper-like seating provides extra comfort for any activity, at home and at an office. The style is minimalist, black and red colors combine very well and it’s practical. Change it as you need and enjoy your comfort.

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Old Comments

  1. Gregory moran Says:

    Any thing conference room style?

  2. Youngnam Han Says:

    Can I order it abroad? I really want this.

  3. jabuhu Says:

    the chair is very unique and can be coinciding with our tastes,,,

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