Neorest LE by TOTO – Bathroom Fixtures That Glow

TOTO’s NEOREST Series LE is a range of bathroom products that has got several Red Dot awards. The toilet and the washbasin have got prizes in 2009 and the bathtub has just got Red Dot 2010 award. Products of the collection are made with using of TOTO’s custom material Luminist, a epoxy resin material, which has a glass-like, translucent quality, excellent durability and extreme heat-resistance. Users experience a sense of calm that only bathing can provide, taken to the next level by the gentle light diffusing through the LED lights beneath the bathtub or from inside of the washbasin. In daylight, the material is translucent evoking a sensation of total serenity. If you’re searching for bathroom fixtures that are stylish, practical and use modern technologies then this TOTO’s range is an interesting choice for you. { TOTO }

p.s. These products aren’t the only interesting products by TOTO. The company products cool futuristic toilets, decorative faucets, products especially for small bathrooms and so on.

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