New Cool LED Lamps – Second Generation of LivingColors Lamps by Philips

If you don’t like monotonous life and try to vary every your day then LivingColors lamps by Philips could become excellent additions to your interior design. Philips has announced the coming of the second generation of LivingColors lamps, which will be 50% more bright than previous one. These lamps can produce 16 milion colors with 7 LEDs and so you could create a new atmosphere in your apartment everyday. You could choose the light color depends on your mood. With these LED lamps you easily could create a romantic evening or in opposite a crazy ambience for a party. They also produce a perfect white light, so they would be useful in everyday life too. The lamps will be available in 4 different kinds of lamps: a standing lamp, a wall lamp and two ceiling lamps. They will be presented in Black, Crystal, White Gloss, Floral and Mineral models and wiil cost from $226 to $353. [Via: Geeksology]

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