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New Duravit Pool System – Pool Tubs with Massage

Sat, Apr 11, 2009 | Bathroom Appliances | By Mike

Duravit develop pa products for home since 2002. Their Pool System is a pool tube with a system of mini jets. New tubs feature 40 nozzles which provide a range of functions range from power massage to a bubbling bath. The design is simply white or white and chrome. The pool system could produce a pearly mix of air and water that creates thousands of tiny bubbles that gently caress the owner’s body. The system also features a set of colored LEDs that can be programmed to produce a splash of varying hues and even a pulsing display for a more atmospheric effect. There is also integrating heating system which allow the water to be the same temperature as it came in. Thanks to all that functions Duravit Pool System is capable of regenerating body and mind and to make the bathroom a first class spa. [Duravit]

Duravit Pool System

Duravit Poolsystem

Duravit Poolsystem

Duravit Poolsystem

Duravit Poolsystem

Duravit Poolsystem

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  1. Ocean Bathrooms Says:

    The Duravit Pool System and tubs are simply fantastic. We have installed several of these for customers and the end result in absolutely stunning. The combined LED lights make it so easy to change the mood of your bath time with the simple flick of a switch. A must for any contemporary home.

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