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New Hidden Air Conditioning System – Alasplit from Mitsubishi

Fri, Apr 24, 2009 | Appliances | By Mike

The idea of Alasplit of Mitsubishi Electric was born a long long time ago but just recently was created the product that will please all architects and home owners which want good air conditioning without losing in aesthetics. Alasplit is an device which could automatically hide domestic air conditioning units into a wall. It designed to work with Family line units by Mitsubishi Electric. The system consists of a steel frame (Alabox) which support internal drives and a front device (Alapanel) which close the niche with remote opening, using the remote control of air conditioning unit. The unit create effect of the false wall but the unit is still available for maintenance. It should be installed before painting walls and its size is 910x428x280 mm. [Mitsubishi Electric]

Working air conditioning

Working air conditioning

Not working air conditioning

Not working air conditioning

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  1. Larry Wilson Says:

    I am looking for a product I saw that has the condenser, etc, outside and the cooled air comes into each room via a flex hose and 2″ outlet vent. I understand it can be retrofitted in existing construction without a total tear-out.

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