New Modern High-Tech Sofa – Surround from Natuzzi

Nowadays nobody could be surprised by one more stylish sofa, even it looks very beautiful. That’s why different designers from furniture companies try to create a something unique and outstanding. The modern furniture sometimes is equipped by various high-tech innovations and presents itself as a clever combination of comfort and technology. Italian company Natuzzi produces exactly such furniture. We have already posted about a cool Natuzzi Sound Chair, which provides not only very comfortable seating and looks perfect, but also has built-in speakers, which can be connected to any mp3 player. Now we’d like to show you one of the newest products from this company. This is Suround, the sectional sofa that could help to create an amazing relaxation corner in your house. This sofa demonstrates an excellent style and has all necessary things to organize such place with the maximum comfort. It is equipped with built-in iPod/iPhone dock and two speakers, so you easily could listen your favorite song while sitting on the sofa. You could get more information on Natuzzi ste. [Via Geeksology]

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