New Modern Kitchen Design – Carré by Ernestomeda

Ernestomeda is a famous Italian kitchen manufacturer, which has already created a lot of beautiful modern kitchen designs. We have posted about the most attractive of them and you could check out them on DigsDigs. Now we’d like to show you a new amazing kitchen from this company. The new model is named Carré and is designed by Marc Sadler. This kitchen is an excellent model made in a fashionable and modern style. The designer has used the trendy combination of three color: red, black and white. This color combination looks as modern as monochrome black and white solutions, but at the same time it is more bright and fresh. This functional kitchen furniture with an awesome design could change any kitchen in the best place in a home. Such kitchen could provide as comfortable cooking as pleasant dining with all family. You could get more information about this new modern kitchen design on Ernestomeda site.

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