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Old-Fashioned And Futuristic Clock At The Same Time

Thu, Dec 15, 2011 | Clocks | By Kate

I have never seen anything like this! Imagine – a clock with a old-style concept but absolutely modern look! This unusual and amazing piece is called Times Go By Clock by designer José Tavares. It’s a dynamic digital LED clock with an ornate frame and a minimalist smoked glass cube. The frame is made of carved mahogany and a cut stainless steel pendulum it’s encased in a smoked glass box supported by an ornate handcarved mahogany base. I’ve never seen a piece that would be so old-fashioned and so cutting edge modern at the same time! Beautiful, cool, futuristic, stylish and luxurious! Amazing, don’t you think?

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Old Comments

  1. Wegweiserl Tim Says:

    Great design, it really looks SciFi.

  2. Marcus Says:

    pretty cool i admit, but when i was a little shocked when i saw it had a bottom part, well i mean it’s okay it works i guess. but i think if it was cut it half only leaving the top part like the first two pictures it would have been cool too. but yeah that thing is smexy

  3. rohmandesign.blogspot.com Says:

    Good Idea….

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