Optical Illusion Chair With Only One Whole Leg

Optical illusions are great and you always think: how did they do it? There are invisible chairs that you can see only at one angle and now there is a chair with broken legs. Look, three of its legs are broken and their parts are missing! But how can we sit or stand on them? Though only one of its legs remains whole and in contact with the ground, Cut Chair by a designer from Seattle Peter Bristol is nevertheless perfectly firm and stable. Bristol pulls back the curtain (in this case, a thick shag rug) to reveal that it conceals a bulky metal plate topped with equally hefty supports. The weight of the plate, coupled with the hidden metal tube that attaches to the Chair’s leg, gives the truth to the illusion, the material reality to Bristol’s clever inversion of our expectations. Here they are – modern illusionists and their creations! Aren’t they fantastic?

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