Opulent and Luxury Classic Sofa by Savio Firmino

Italian company Savio Firmino has pleasantly surprised amateurs of luxury and opulent furniture again. This time it has presented new sofas and armchairs made in elegant classic style. All of them are characterized by beautiful smooth lines and an exquisite carving. The sofas and armchairs are carefully crafted by using top selected materials and come in excellent Savio Firmino finishes. In spite of its classical inspiration and design the collection retains a lot of technology and innovative solutions which have been studied to guarantee extra comfort and functionality. The covering is very pleasant to touch and provides a comfortable relaxing, but it is quite durable at the same time. Any opulent sofa from new offered models could easily become a proud of any luxury living room. More information you could find on Savio Firmino site.

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Opulent And Luxury Classic Sofa By Savio Firmino

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