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Original Charcoal Barbecue Grill – Diagofocus by Focus

Fri, Jul 3, 2009 | Outdoor appliances | By Margarita

New barbecue grill Diagofocus by Focus is combination of functional appliance and art. Its sculptural shape differs from other round or rectangle grills of traditional barbecues. This barbecue looks like a big pipe with splay top. Such shape isn’t only original but also has several useful functions like protecting fire from the wind and people from smoke. This outdoor barbecue has wheels which allow to move it easily and choose the best place for it. It is made of high quality and thick steel so it is solid, durable and weather resistant. Such barbecue grill will never spoil you outdoor design but even decorate it. Enjoying a tasty meal with your guests isn’t a problem when the meal is cooked in so unusual and awesome charcoal barbecue. More detailed information you could find on Focus site.

Original Charcoal Barbecue Diagofocus By Focus

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  1. addie Says:

    Picnics are simply fun. In this economy, people are always looking to save money on family activities. Picnics are one way to help you save a little bit of money while having fun.. Not to mention, that kids love to be outdoors all the time. It’s a perfect combination. Dont for get to bring your picnic baskets and be delighted.

  2. Joao Branquinho Says:

    Do you know the price?

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