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Original Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table

Wed, Jun 22, 2011 | Tables | By Kate

So many puzzles inspire the designers: Rubik’s Cube, riddles or jigsaw puzzles. Do you remember the Rubik’s Cube Table? If you like jigsaw puzzles, then you’ll like this Missing Pieces Coffee Table from the UK designer Rupert McKelvie. The artist used several jigsaw-puzzle sets with missing pieces, which would otherwise be considered incomplete and functionless on their own, to create something that is complete and independently functional. It’s very original and unusual, such a table will definitely be appreciated by your guests. It’s not for every interior but if you have something futuristic or art deco – this piece will be a very original addition.

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  1. Morgan Reid Says:

    Great idea for a table! I’ve always liked puzzles so this is a natural. In fact, if you can get them the Dowdle Puzzles are fantastic. They’ve even got London and London Tower puzzles as well as some other great locations around the world. Dowdle Puzzles are great because they are not only fun artwork with cheeky hidden images, but they also come in a fantastic collectible magnetically sealed box. Very smart design. This would be the perfect table for a Dowdle Puzzle enthusiast like myself. Cheers!

  2. wendy-liondance Says:

    Very nice! but where can you buy this from? why don’t they just display the price up front and allow you to add to cart like regular products out there.

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