Original Lamps With Feminine Touch

If you are a girl and want to buy some original lamp, of a guy and want to give a present to your wife or girlfriend – this is for you. Original and very feminine lamps for your bedroom are called Capri and Voici from Italamp. These lamps were inspired by women’s clothes – a hat and a corset. For a romantic style bedroom you can buy Capri. This charming lamp is ideal for the upcoming hot days, it’s available in different colors – from violet to green. I love the variant on the photo – it’s so light, airy and romantic! For a less romantic space you may choose Voici. It’s available only in one color but in three sizes. The design is very interesting: it reminds of a corset with a zipper and a goblet at the same time. These are very original lamps that will give your space a slight feminine touch.

Source: deocralis, italamp

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