Outdoor Tables with Flowerpot – Moma from Vondom

This new Moma collection designed by Javier Mariscal for Vondom, Spanish brand specializing in outdoor objects was presented on Salon Internazionale del Mobile 2009. It consist of series of objects but the most interesting ones are tables combined with flowerpots. The idea is very simple but very practical. Originality always characterize Vondom’s outdoor products. Three table models are available: low, medium and high. The first one would be perfect for lounge, the second one – like simple table to take lunch outside and the last one would help to enjoy cup of coffee outside without seating on a chair. They are manufactured by the technological process of rotational molding with ecological material of resin of polyethylene, in great variety of bright shades, what gives an more original and fresh touch to the collection. [Vondom]

Outdoor Tables With Flowerpot

Lowest Outdoor Table With Flowerpot

Middle-sized Outdoor Table With Flowerpot

Tall Outdoor Table With Flowerpot

There are also colored versions available.

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