POV Candle Holders To Look From Different Angles

Minimalism in everything – even in the smallest details – looks very stylish, and it won’t be boring if you choose original pieces. If you have such an interior – then you need all the accessories in the same style, including planters and candle holders. Note Design Studio of Stockholm has created a set of wire candle holders that look different depending on where you stand. Depending on the point of view, things will change – settings, stories and the way we interpret things, and this is the idea of these candle holders. From some angles they seem like a flat graphical drawing – move around it and suddenly the graphic lines float in mid air. The pieces are made of powder-coated steel wire and come in a wall-mounted version for tea lights or a table-top version for tall candles. They’re available in white, black, grey, turquoise or terracotta.

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