Practical Bathroom Furniture with Integrated Baby Tub by Herms

Undoubtedly to have a baby is a great happiness, but care of him/her is not so easy. Many chores come with the baby but with the new product by Herms you could change some of them into a very pleasant time. It offers a very practical bath furniture with an integrated counter-top wash basin and a special place for baby tub. The ergonomic and 100% hygienic baby tub and the comfortable changer come with the furniture set. Thanks to the sliding top you could hide the tub or in opposite organize the perfect place to bathe and change your baby. Its flexible expandable tap is also very useful and allows to easy fill a bath. When your baby will grow you could use the tub section as a storage place. This bathroom furniture is available in different sizes and finishes so you could find the right one for your own bathroom design. There are as minimalist models as very funny ones with pretty pictures. You could find all of them and get more information on Herms site.

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