Re-Edition Of Fantastic Chair Collection Of The 50s

Ernest Race is a famous British furniture designer who achieved international acclaim during the 1950’s with his unique, forward thinking furniture designs. UK-based manufacturer Race Furniture launched a re-edition of several his iconic designs as part of the ’100% Design’ exhibition. The original furniture was made in natural colors and natural wood. Now Races’s mid-century modernist designs were presented in new pastel shades of pink, yellow, light blue and pistachio green. Race’s ‘BA3’ chair was the first mass-produced dining chair ever made with aluminum frame, originally made from material recycled from WW2 aircraft parts. Now it’s not made of aircraft parts but looks great, nevertheless. You will also see the re-editions of Heron, BA2, Antelope and Antelope Rocker in the collection. Now you can buy famous designs in new form and evaluate the genius of the designer.

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