Red And White Teen Room Design With Ergonomic Study Desk By Julia

Many teenagers like red color because it is very bright and associates with active life. However using this color in interior design and mostly in teen room design you have to be careful. If you go too far and make a room to much red then that could become unfavorable to your child psyche. The best way is to combine red color with more light and neutral ones. Below you could see a cool red and white teen room design, which is a quite bright but not aggressive. This teen room is offered by Julia and is a part of its S.mail collection. It attracts not only by colors but also by its practical layout which fit even in a small teen room. Work desk is united with book shelves and that allows to organize a comfortable study place and save space at the same time. If you want more information about this teen room furniture then you could find it on Julia site.

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