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Relaxing Buddha Head Table And Pouf

Mon, Jun 27, 2011 | Outdoor furniture | By Kate

Modern furniture is usually very functional and comfortable in using. This furniture corresponds very well: Beato Pouf and Pacifico Table by Twentyfirst. They are made of rotational polyethylene. Perfect for garden, public spaces, open spaces and they suit also for indoor installations. Beato pouf is stackable, that’s very convenient. They both have a strong symbolic value as the head of Buddha, symbol of a faraway culture, is used here in a new way as seating, becoming an easy and versatile piece of furniture. The furniture is very simple for using and cleaning. The head of Buddha – isn’t it relaxing?

Source: eng6a3a

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Old Comments

  1. sunshine Says:

    i personally feel that this buddha design is a show of disrespect. perhaps the designer see it as an art. but it’s a disrespect in a view of a buddhist.

  2. May Says:

    Fail! Stupid! This one is totally expressing disapproval of aspect of someone else’s culture.

  3. Leighrah Says:

    Wow… I can’t imagine this being displayed somewhere without having people be deeply offended. What kind of ignorant person would not have at least some awareness that Buddha is a religious figure?

  4. SBCP Says:

    Fail and stupid, I totally agree with May.

  5. Sanira Says:

    I am a Buddhist. It was so heartbreaking for me to see these sacrilegious and offensive images. I can not understand why would anyone would want to make Lord Buddha, The Supremely Enlightened One, who is venerated by many, a piece of furniture to sit on. I am sure that everyone who knows even a least about Lord Buddha would feel the same.
    This is disgraceful. I urge you to please remove these offensive images form your site immediately.

  6. Margaret Chism Says:

    can anyone tell me where I can buy the
    Beato Pouf and Pacifico Table by Twentyfirst.

    I love them

  7. Margaret Chism Says:

    can anyone tell me where I can by
    Beato Pouf and Pacifico Table by Twentyfirst. relaxing-buddha-head-table-and-pouf

    also seen on

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