Sliding Bathroom Storage Unit Hidden In A Wall – Crab By Omvivo

Often when we see beautiful pictures of modern bathrooms we want also to have a minimalist bathroom in our homes without anything besides sanitary ware and any mirror. Although when we see how much necessary things we have in the bathroom and realize that without any additional shelves we can’t accommodate them all, we forget about the dream about spacious bathroom. Omvivo offers an interesting solution to solve such problems. It is a very flexible storage unit for bathroom – Crab. It allows to store a lot of different things without wall shelves. The point is that Crab presents itself as a mirror with concealed space for storage. It is available in two variants: Crab no shell and Crab with shell. The first storage unit is designed to be completely integrated in a special wall with cavity inside. This model is more attractive but quite difficult to apply. The second unit is more easy to install and just hang on the wall. Although both mirrors with sliding hidden shelves are very practical and could help you to make your dream about minimalist and spacious bathroom closer. Detailed techniques characteristics you could find on Omvivo site. [flexible sliding shelf unit]

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