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Small Apatrment With Retro Touches

Mon, Apr 25, 2011 | Contemporary home designs | By Kate

What can you place in a small apartment of 70 square meters? A lot! Architects Irina and Anna Sokolov created this space in Minsk. A fine interior with nice retro style details. The walls of rough brick in the kitchen give it an antique touch and some coziness. The space was made open except for the bedroom. The bedroom is decorated in the same style; pictures, exquisite bed, beautiful chandelier make the room refined and the curtain adds coziness. Bathroom cabinet, lamps and bath decorated with wood continue the style of the whole apartment. Not much space but so many things put in! The architects not only carefully followed the style but also used the space saving techniques very well.

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Old Comments

  1. Katherine Suzan Says:

    I love the look of the 2 small lamps on the floor in the bathroom. Also really enjoy ocean blue tiles in any bathroom. Well Done!

  2. Sarah Says:

    love the floor lamp on the ceiling in the dining room and the art eisel as a tv stand,, genious

  3. Abybaby Says:

    I don’t like the entrance, the door knob might hit the sliding glass of the bookshelf. Other than that, it’s a cozy apartment.
    I like the stealth cat… LOL!

  4. ann Says:


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