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Space Saving Multi-Functional Sofa

Mon, Apr 18, 2011 | Sofa | By Kate

Modern furniture is functional and good-looking. If you don’t have much space but need to accommodate many things then the Calypso Chair by Brandon Allen is for you. It has several different functions and an ingenious space saving design. It can become a couch, with or without lap trays. It can become a two sided chair. It can also fold in on itself and become a table. It provides users with different sitting positions from studying, writing to having an informal conferencing. Underneath the sofa you’ll find a quite large storage space, as well as a place to store the backrest of the sofa for an additional surface area on top. Isn’t it a nice space saving idea?

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  1. Jasen Robillard Says:

    Where can one buy this thing, if one was so inclined?

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