Steampunk Apartment With An Expressive Interior

Steampunk is a style when modern things are given in some old-fashioned surroundings, mostly Queen Victoria’s time. There are many old details and brass ones are often used. Filmmaker Jeremy Noritz decorated his home in a way that looks exactly this way – straight out of a science fiction. It’s located in Chelsea, New York City, and the surface is 1800 square feet with a living room, two rooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen, all styled in a punkish way. The apartment comes smothered in black, natural earthy tones and autumn hues, which have all been transported right inside the living space. The use of expressive parts is not only confined to the inner spaces, but also starts right at the entrance with a remodeled door that strongly resembles a submarine. The space is now for sale for $1.75 million.

Source: hometone, dailycool

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