Stylish Hillside Fireplace Comprised Of A Sofa Chair And A Coffee Table

Even though in my opinion a volcano inspired fireplace is the best product by UK company, Flying Cavalries, there are also other great fireplaces that it sells. The Hillside is one of them. As you already might have understood it’s inspired by the hillsides and using it evokes the feeling of being on a hillside. Warm and comfortable emotions accompany you whilst you lie on your back on its ergonomic seat beside the fire. The cool thing is that this fireplace isn’t simply a fireplace. It comprised of an ergonomic sofa chair and a coffee table. They both are made using only three natural materials: oak, natural stone, and glass. You can use Hillside as a stylish coffee table when entertaining friends and convert it into an extraordinary fireplace in just a minute when you are relaxing alone.This creative idea makes your life easier and save you some space.

Source: flyingcavalries

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