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The Ultra Thinnest LED TV

Tue, Jan 6, 2009 | Living Room Appliances | By Mike

Recently LG claimed that they designed the thinnest LED TV. They was going to present it at CES 2009 but Samsung beat them there. They first presented a 6.5mm thin LED TV panel. That’s sound 3x thinner, don’t you think? I think we aren’t so far from the time they would invent a tv we could put in the wardrobe when we won’t need it.

The new ultra-thin Samsung LED TV panel also is up to snuff when it comes to display technology. The new panel supports a 240Hz refresh rate and Wide Color ControlPro promising a wider spectrum of colors.

samsung thinnest tv

samsung 65mm tv

Via i4u, through.

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  1. Jumal Says:

    I saw one of these thin LED TVs yesterday at our local Electronics store and man, the pictures are stunning very clear..

  2. saran Says:

    so cute

  3. chit ko Says:

    I like these.(LED tv + model girl)

  4. Mohammad Says:

    salam I am mohammad
    I very love Led Samsung

  5. George Bush Says:

    Mohammad you stink

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