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Toilet With Integrated Hand Basin

Thu, Jan 8, 2009 | Bathroom Appliances | By Mike

Nowadays even toilets become smarter and smarter. Dual flush toilets which save water aren’t new. Although toilets with integrated hand basins still aren’t available anywhere. At the moment there is only one model by Caroma which was available in Australia whole 2008 year and will be available in North America in first quarter of 2009.

Integrated hand basin is made not just for comfort but for enhanced water savings too. After flushing, fresh cold water is directed through the faucet for hand washing and drains into the tank to be used for the next flush. Profile, that’s how toilet was called by Caroma, features award-winning Smartflush water saving technology and is one of the most modern toilets in the world.

profile toilet basin

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  1. Andrea Says:

    Caroma toilets offer a patented dual flush technology consisting of a 0.8 Gal flush for liquid waste and a 1.6 Gal flush for solids. Caroma, an Australian company set the standard by giving the world its first successful two button dual flush system in the nineteen eighties and has since perfected the technology. Also, with a full 3.5″ trapway, these toilets virtually never clog. All of Caroma’s toilets are on the list of WaterSense labeled HET’s http://www.epa.gov/watersense/pp/find_het.htm and also qualify for several toilet rebate programs available in the US. Please visit my blog http://pottygirl.wordpress.com/ to learn more or go to http://www.caromausa.com to learn where you can find Caroma toilets locally. Visit http://www.ecotransitions.com/howto.asp to see how we flush potatoes with 0.8 gallons of water, meant for liquids only. Best regards, Andrea Paulinelli

  2. M.S.Damodaran Says:

    I have purchased one closet of AXOR model 228 and got installed by the dealer’s plumber. The very first day itself it was not flushing properly and got clogged. The clogging continued to happen ver yfrequently and after complaining the dealer replaced the closet 10 days back with the same model. But this one also started getting clogged. We need to pour the water with the help of a bucket several times to clean the closet. The water get filled up in the closet during flushing and takes more time to drain off. I do not understand the reason for this. Initially I thought it may be due some manufacturing defect, but the second one also giving the same problem may be due some design problems. Please advice if anything can be wrong.

  3. Tom Yaste Says:

    This unit would solve a lot of problems for me. Is it available in the USA?
    If so where? Cost? Thanks.

  4. Mike Says:

    Hello Tom,

    I think there still wasn’t USA release of the toilet. Although you can try to search through online stores for it. It’s called Caroma Profile Suit.

  5. Rex Says:

    Its funny that this is only getting attention now. If you live in Japan you will see these everywhere!

  6. kishore Says:

    I want this unit, is this product available in India means please mail the location to me.

  7. Shijune Says:

    Hardly new. These are used in Japan extensibly, i remember seeing these back in the 80’s

  8. Susan T Says:

    Where can we purchase this toilet in California, USA??

    Thank you~

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