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Top 10 Biggest Outdoor Christmas Lights House Decorations

Thu, Dec 11, 2008 | Decorating, Lights | By Mike |
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Decorating house with Christmas lights is always wake up great memories of childhood. So many people continue to do that through the years. Here are some of the biggest outdoor house decorations with christmas lights. They are mentioned in not particular order and of them are awesome and show how to celebrate Christmas with style.

The Faucher family House

Faucher Family Christmas Lights Extravaganza

Faucher Family Christmas Lights Extravaganza

The Faucher family has been putting up their Christmas light extravaganza outside their Delaware home for 23 years. And if you think 1,000 lights are a lot, imagine what 1,000,000 would look like. The family’s enormous endeavor lights up the neighborhood and slows traffic for miles around as folks stop by for a look at this holiday marvel. Photos by TheWorldThtroughMyEyes & Bright_Star.

Alex Goodwind 30000 GBP Christmas Lights

Alex Goodwind Christmas Lights for 30000 GBP

Alex Goodwind Christmas Lights for 30000 GBP

Alex Goodwind’s house is situated in Melksham, England. He starts planning lights in July and has spent 3,000 GBP this 2008 year alone on the lights that are now estimated to be worth 30,000 GBP. Last year the bill for electricity was 700 GBP.

Dominic Luberto’s House

Boston's House of Dominic Luberto

Boston's House of Dominic Luberto

250,000 christmas lights on Dominic Luberto 8,500-square-foot house exterior. Dominic’s idea is to show about 47,000 people who drive by his home each day that Christmas should be celebrated in style. The house is one of the biggest single-family homes in Boston with 11 fireplaces.

Dick Norton’s Winter Wonderland

Dick Norton christmas outdoor decorations

Dick Norton christmas outdoor decorations

Norton started creating his own family displays nearly 30 years ago. His house situated in Burbank, California. Nowadays Winter Wonderland display draws around 5,000 visitors each year. There are 10,000 lights involved in the display, but the animated elements are really what make it special.

Smith’s Xmas Lights House

Smith's House with Xmas Lights

Smith's House with Xmas Lights

On Prior Road right off Silverside Road in Wilmington, Delaware. Photos by TheWorldThtroughMyEyes

Fiedler House

Christmas lights on Fiedler House

Christmas lights on Fiedler House

The house is situated in Ellicott City, Maryland. It’s owned by Fiedler family and photos are taken by Jon.

Christmas lights on Miami House

Clot family Xmas Holiday Lights

Clot family Xmas Holiday Lights

For more than 30 years, the Clot family has brought a little piece of the North Pole to tropical southern Florida. This year there are more than 600,000 lights and 100 animated displays. Their monthly electricity bill is about $4,000.

Christmas lights on house in Philippines

Christmas lights on house in Philippines

Christmas lights on house in Philippines

House covered in Christmas lights in Mandaluyong City, eastern Manila. The Philippines has earned the distinction of celebrating the world’s longest Christmas season. Christmas carols are heard as early as September and the season lasts right up until Epiphany. Photos by EPA.

Brooklyn Dyker Heights enclave

Dyker Heights House in Brooklyn

Dyker Heights House in Brooklyn

The comfortable, old-fashioned Italian-American enclave of Dyker Heights. It’s famouse for the whole Brooklyn for its Christmas lights decorations.

Monkhouse Magic Christmas

Magic Christmas Display

Magic Christmas Display

Walter and Jackie Monkhouse are serious when it comes to holiday lights. They decorate their house for 12 years and last year it has over 100,000 lights.

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Old Comments

  1. Jim Says:

    Super cool. Have put the link to this page on my “Out There” daily blog. Thanks.
    More Christmas (fun):

  2. Bright Star (B*) Says:

    Actually, that first photo is improperly credited. It’s my photo. It’s fine to use it, but under creative commons license, it’s appropriate to link back to the source / credit the photographer. Thanks!


  3. Mike Says:

    Sorry Bright Star. Looks like I completely forget that this photo was yours. I add the link now.
    By the way, great photo! =)

  4. Bright Star (B*) Says:


  5. Mike Says:

    No problem. Keep it up!

  6. haley Says:

    Love it!

  7. Christmas Lawn Decorations Says:

    Amazing displays, just incredible. My favorite is “Christmas lights on Miami House”, but they all deserve some credit for their work. But….$4000 for electric bill…uuuh, that’s a lot of money.

  8. l.meyer Says:

    Incredible lighted christmas house.
    Here is one from Hamburg,Germany:

  9. lin Says:

    where is the miami one located at?

  10. errick Says:

    that is so cool can u do my house ok

  11. Fanny Guzman Says:

    Sinceramente bellisimo, me gusto mucho las palmeras iluminadas de Miami, que es donde vivo, muchas gracias por tan lindas fotografias

  12. Fanny Says:

    Bellisimo, me ha gustado mucho las palmeras de Miami, un millon de gracias

  13. Sean Says:

    The miami house is in pinecrest somewhere!! I’ve been and it’s like a 5 acre home with displays on every inch of the property. They accept donations which all go to charity!!

  14. glenn Says:

    Im sorry for breaking the christmas spirit if this is what you had in mind!
    Over the years people have gone over the top with christmas ornaments and lights like they were competing to be on a reality tv show
    Well this is not TV and were forgeting about what christmas was like when we were children, There comes a time in everyones life when we feel the need to celebrate a holiday for all of us to see that we are in the spirit.
    This year in my house along with countless others that can relate to my personal experiences when it comes to christmass , we deal with the familys getting dibbs on who,s going to host the celebration with family , well if you did,nt pick a number first chances are that it would be held at a relatives house , With that being said im shure unless your children are small to begin with you won,t bother getting a tree !
    So now since were all adult,s here and are children are grown we are going to keep our decorations to the minumum.
    Well thats all fine as long as the celebrations not at your home ….but what about the outside? What will you neihbors thin …That cheap bastard is,nt putting out any lights!..ok like most misguided lawn warts they tend to run out to the nearest walmart and pickup icicle lights , fiber optic lights, blinking lights and a whole lot of inflatable crap to make there property look like a hooker version of micheal jacksons neverland thinking that there house is the best …or the brightest…or the crapiest! Well i can tell you first hand that if your one of theese people that i have just described here in the material list , Then you definitly need to take a lesson in outdoor gear!
    Im not here to badmouth anyone for getting into the spirit but to help you get yourself organized with your decorations.
    First of all the blwup crap that is half blown up and spinging air leaks on your lawn look like CRAP, and if it is fully inflated it still looks like crap . Thats why China has become the richest country on the continent ..Because you look to the foriegners to give you an easy cheap way out to decorate, well i hate to burst your bubble but that crap was out a year ago and if you want to be white trash then by all means head down to walmart to get your santa on a harley davidson with some foam pebbles bowing around as the biker biker makes enless revolutions!
    Heres the deal , walmart is not my enemy but my friend! You can find unbelievable deals on ornaments as long as you put the time and effort into the holiday that you supposedly really really really care for,
    So lets do this this Christmas right , First count all your bushes that you want to have lights on
    2nd ..deide what 1 or 2 color scheme you want to go with .
    3rd Don,t have an immediate plan but a basic plan that you can start out with and tweak alon the way .
    EXAMPLE: the bushes that were against my house i lit up white
    The bushes that were low lying in front of them i lit up white and red.
    The 2 planters that were to either side of the colums that outside my front door i lit up red only!
    The colums i put a spiral scotch pine ropping and on top of that i added white ligts to follow the spiral.
    On the collums i added 2 red velour bows about halfway and that finished off the front .
    So far i had 9 white light sets about 2 dollars
    the ropping is fake and cost about 8 dollars
    I added 7 red light sets at 1.67 each at walmart
    and i added 1 white set a 1.67…so for about 40 bucks i made my place look like a million buck , it,s classy and beautiful , But you can always put your blow up dolls on your front lawns for 6 times what i payed and never be able to come close to what a traditional house like mine looks like !…THE choice is yours! blowup crap and multi-colored lights or plan it out and not overdo it and make it look like a million bucks! Im serious don,t waste your money on chineese inflatable instead since the chineese are going to get you money anyways spend less …because the saying holds true LESS IS MORE! Have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday in whatever you chose …if you like it ,that.s all that matters, My experience as an architechural lightin designer has allowed me to become concious of my proffesion. Christmas has always been a Holiday of expressing yourself and your home and I want people to recognize that each and everyone of us has the ability to make each of our homes a showplace that we can be proud of , the blowup crap really has no place unless you own a theme park!
    Your house is,nt Disney world , it,s not great adventure and if you have children there not staring at that crap 24 hours a day ! so make your home festive , and think of it as winter ladscaping, your not planting bushes and tree,s without a plan so why do it with lawn ornaments ?
    Is your house going to win a town competition for the most junk? NO …
    Your house can win a competition for the most tastefully done! Please take my advise and stop making the chineese rich fro, blowuo ornaments ,,,you will sleep much better and your house will be a showplace instead of a SLUM! thanks for reading and hope i was able to help the lost causes of christmas decorators hahahahahah! humbug!

  15. glenn Says:

    The monkhous house is tastefully done , all the others are a MESS and look like CRAP , if your house looks like one of the above them i feel sorry….very sorry for you!

  16. Niya Says:

    cool lol

  17. Luciana Says:

    Absolutely amazing pictures. When I am seeing I enjoyed a lot.
    Really outdoor Christmas decorations add excitement and a thrill to the holiday season. Great photographic creations.. Thanks!

  18. Nicole Braden Says:

    This site is awesome! I will be featuring it in my December 15th post on NicoleBDesign.blogspot.com! Thank you!!!!! : )

  19. BERTHA Says:


  20. ruben gell Says:

    I will like the adress of the house in miami I use to take my daughhters every year when they were small, I will like to take my granddaughter Y grandson. thanks

  21. ruben gell Says:

    Beautifull all of therm. I lke the aaddress fir the one in Miami, I use to take may daughter when they were small, IO will like to take my granddaughter and grandson . thanks

  22. l.meyer Says:

    check out this christmas-house with 30.000 lights


  23. swapna Says:

    Wow, this really amazing Xmas decors.
    Nice blog. Thanks you for the enlightening read provided on Christmas lighting. Nice layout and blog you have here with such a good theme. I shall repeated here again soon and recommend this to others as well. Please Keep updating it.

  24. paul maleg Says:

    your houses are SHIT!!

  25. Janet Robinson Says:

    YALL GONE BLOW UP DUDE!!!! you and the snow/ground!!

  26. resti Says:

    very amazing pics… love it!

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