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Top 10 Kids And Teens Room Design Ideas – Best of 2009

Wed, Dec 30, 2009 | Best of 2009 | By Mike

Here are some best of kids and teens room design ideas that come up on DigsDigs during 2009:

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Old Comments

  1. Lisa Says:

    no comment

  2. stephanie Says:

    the best so far love all the houses and design great

  3. stephanie:D Says:

    omg i really love all the room desigs im planing on copy one and make it exactly the same in my other house in mexico i really LOVE THEM ALL

  4. Amy Says:

    I absolutely love the first one!! Where can I purchase the furniture and furnishings~?

  5. anitra Says:

    its really coooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. sanjulata Says:

    oh my god i am speachless i want to have a girl kid so that i can decorate her room like any one of above.

  7. Ali Says:

    WOW. these rooms are my little girls dreams, where can the furniture be purchased?

  8. Destiny:) Says:


  9. 3nieces Says:

    The Hello Kitty theme is PRECIOUS!!! Love it! I’m going to do that for my 2 nieces that are sisters.

  10. amir Says:

    dream room can’t get in ihis world althoug in JANNATH one could have these.please think

  11. cynthia Says:

    hi my room is dull and my wolls are wite and i wish i can do smnthing to it but i can”t do these

  12. bamike Says:

    All the designs are amazing. Hw can I contact u for training
    I am equally interested in becoming one of your
    Sole distributor in nigeria.

  13. santhu Says:

    Awesome :)

  14. stephanie Says:

    Sure thing. I’ll be there. But what will you be wearing, so I don’t get you mixed up with your sister. You are way hotter. ♥

  15. Nate Says:

    Sure. What will you be wearing that day. I don’t want to get mixed up with your twin sister. Hope you’re wearing nothing at all. ♥

  16. stephanie Says:

    I’ll be in my hottest clothe. You can come in nothing. Then after we are done. You can make love to me. ♥

  17. Naomie Says:

    :) B-)

  18. Sandra Says:

    Amei todos os quartinhos em exposição. Minha filha vai amar ter um igual.

  19. jona Says:

    hey its tooo coooooooooooooooooooolllll fuck yoy if you dont love it

  20. jona Says:

    its to coll how much is it i mean all this room :d

  21. Mary Says:

    I love the rooms but you should show more so fuck you jona

  22. Sally wanja Says:

    Do u do trainings am interested in interior decor training

  23. andrea jessica Says:

    Andrea- omg love this soo much if i could pick my room to look like anny thang it would be this <3 :)

    Jessica- This room is amazing. This is my new dream room! Can i get a woo woo?!

  24. lu li Anna Says:

    i like all the bedroom i hope i will had a lovely bedroom

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