Tropical-Themed Bedroom Design For Those Who Love Bright Colors

This colorful bedroom is a piece of summer that we all miss so much. Colorful and tropical space is done in bright orange, blue, red and other colors; there are many patterns: flower, striped and checked. The bedspread is striped, it’s highlighted with the floral patterned cushions; the rug is checked. To shade the colorful accessories mirror nightstands were chosen; one more simple furniture piece is the clothes hanger of natural wood, these are just several wooden sticks put together. To add a romantic touch the designers chose exquisite lamps of pastel color and some light blue vases. These colorful pieces need a light framing, so the walls are white and light blue. The amazing bright blue painting continues the theme of the interior. In such a space a bright tropical mood will be for sure every morning.

Source: nicety, casa.abril

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