Upholstered Seating System That Consists Of Cushions on Pedestals – Jalis by COR

Jalis, taken from the Arabic, is the magical word for relaxed communication, comfortable in any circumstances. That is also the name of an upholstered seating system designed by Jehs + Laub for COR. Its source of inspiration is unmistakable the Orient. The system consists of cushions side by side on pedestals. Special upholstery provides support and fabulous comfort. There is also a special upholstery for the system with woven-in ornaments only becoming visible when the incidence of light changes. No matter where it stands, its enclosed backrests and deep seats create a sense of security. Designers have managed to elevate the cushion to the status of seating furniture suitable for any modern interiors. No matter where such seating would stand, its enclosing backrests and deep seats create a sense of security.

Source: cor, jehs-laub

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