Versatile Sofa with Built-In Mood LED Lights – Asami Light Sofa by Colico

Colico is one of Italy’s original furniture manufacturers with more than 90 years of history. With all its experience, nowadays the company produces very practical and good looking furniture for indoors and outdoors. The Asami Light Sofa is one of their latest products. The sofa is very cozy and comfortable and besides that features built-in LED lights. These mood lights can be handled via remote control. They have 7 fixed colors and an additional rotation of 21. The sofa is also very versatile. It features a modular design that lets you go as big or as shapely as you need to. There is also an outdoor version of the Asami Light Sofa that could withstand harsh weather conditions. With such sofa your living room, home theater or lounge zone will never be the same.

Source: Colico

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