Very Modern Yet Not Minimalist House Design – Skywave House by Coscia Day

Who said that very modern house design should be minimalist? Skywave House by Coscia Day shows that isn’t exactly true. The 2,250 square feet house and is set on a 40 ft wide suburban lot in Venice, California. It’s main distinctive feature is a sculptural roof that reminds a breaking wave, which is suspended in time and space and floats over a 1st floor garden space surrounded by glass. The house also took its inspiration from Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang – its color theme is black and white. Besides, the house is designed with many green features, including white standing seam roof/wall for solar gain diffusion, motorized with wind and rain sensors, west facing windows and scoop skylights to catch ocean breezes & a large east facing skylight over the 29 ft entry to vent rising hot air. The ground floor and raised ground floor are solar water radiant heated.

The house isn’t the first one which takes inspiration from waves. Ribbon House by Hartree and Wave House by Tony Owen NDM are others awesome examples of such inspiration.

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