Walnut Sideboard with Integrated Bioethanol Fireplace – Grace by Shulte Design

Nowadays we could find more and more modern fireplaces that are integrated in different furniture. This allows to create a warm atmosphere and add an unique touch to a room. The great thing is that you shouldn’t have a special place for such fireplace and with it you could also save a space. We have already wrote about amazing coffee tables with built-in fireplaces and now we’d like to show you even more practical furniture. That is the Grace sideboard by Shulte Design. The Grace is walnut sideboard with two sliding white lacquered doors, which could give you a lot of storage space. Although its main feature is a bio ethanol fireplace integrated in the center of the wooden top. Thanks to fireplace’s folding cover you could easy transform this contemporary sideboard into a very original decoration of a room. You could find more information on Shulte Design site.

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