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Water Saving with Basin Mixer

Fri, Feb 20, 2009 | Bathroom Appliances, Going Green | By Mike

If you are worry about saving water than Stone in the Creek project is right for you. It’s a wall basin mixer which can save water in efficient way with two modes: Straight Flow and Side Flow. Straight Flow mode is for straight water flow as usual. It is ideal to pour water when it releases water quick and in high volume of water flowing per second. Side Flow mode provides larger surface area than Straight Flow mode but less volume of water flowing per second. It is ideal for washing hands and rinsing large object. The material of the tap is natural pebble stone. It gives user an experience that feels like in creek. It fits users’ hands by its dome shape. The Dish is made of ceramic. It provides a clear and plain surface.

Concept of Basin Mixer which saves water

Concept of Basin Mixer which saves water

Basin Mixer Saving Water

Basin Mixer Saving Water

Basin Mixer Saving Water

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Old Comments

  1. Zahra Ajori Says:

    Dear sir/madam
    Our company (Aria Pazhvan Novin) sent you an email few days ago but unfortunately you made no reply.
    I would be pleased if you reply it:
    The commercial company (Aria Pazhvan Novin) has been introduced to your product from your website. It seems that they have good market in Iran .
    Our company would like to markets and sells your product .we would be grateful if you could send us the list price. I would be thankful if you inform us about your selling situation and also how your representation will be transfer.
    We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best Regard
    Zahra Ajori
    The commercial company (Aria Pazhvan Novin.Co)

  2. Mike Says:

    I’m sorry but it looks like some kind of misunderstanding. We don’t sell any products at all. The site just covers things we find interesting and beautiful but we don’t affiliate with any of that products.

  3. sir jorge Says:

    that is purely interesting, and incredible

  4. Fay Says:

    to be honest, that just looks impractical. something with so many spouts is the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria which cause legionaries disease. cute in concept, but not good in real life.

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