Wood Bookcase with Integrated Folding Desk for Kids Study Room by Huelsta

It is very important to organize a comfortable study place for your child. For good studying he or she should have a special comfortable study desk and enough space to accommodate a lot of school textbooks and exercises books. Besides all items which can be necessary for doing a homework must be accessible in any moment. Huelsta offers a great solution for study room which satisfies all these requirements. This is a wood bookcase from Lilium collection. This spacious furniture allows you to create some well thought out arrangements. Its the main feature is the integrated study desk, which can be set up or removed very quickly. Thanks to folding construction it not only provides large study area but also allows to hide something and save the space. The optional halogen lamps create the right atmosphere for you kid’s studying. This wood furniture is available in solid alder and solid oak sand finishes. More information you could find on Huelsta site. [bookcase, integrated working desk]

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