Wood Dining Room Furniture with Unique Finish by Toyo Ito

Well-known Japanese architect Toyo Ito has designed an attractive dining furniture set for Horm. Thanks to its love to experiment with different uses of materials and to look for new tactile and visual opportunities he has managed to make this set very original and adaptable to all interior styles. This furniture is made of wood and available in walnut, mahogany, cherry, oak and ash. In spite of natural finish it looks quite modern and could fit any contemporary environment. Although the main feature of all elements of this dining set is circular rings of variable wood, which decorate seats of the bench, the stools and the table’s base. They provide a comfortable sitting and add a very unique touch to the set. With this dinning furniture you could create a perfect Zen atmosphere and be to closer to the nature. You could find more information on Horm site.

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