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Zen-Like Outdoor Fountain That Doubles as Small Table

Sun, Oct 10, 2010 | Outdoor appliances | By Mike

Avalon Zen Outdoor Fountain by Grandin Road is avery stylish and practical piece of outdoor design. Its base consists of a three russet-colored cylinders that create a natural fall and fill your garden with the relaxing sound of cascading water. The top is made of glass and provides an extra space for drinks, candles or some decorative objects. The fountain is crafted from durable resin with a hand-painted stone finish. It’s capable to survive outside of a house for a long time and quietly recycles water from hidden reservoir. If you wan’t something zen-like in your zen-like backyard $199 wouldn’t stop you, right?

Source: grandinroad


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  1. Trinity Says:

    I’ve never seen one like this. Really nice.

  2. Christine Says:

    Where can I buy the table water fountain, perth wa?

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