10 The Most Cool and Cute Bird Houses and Feeders

Big Brother Birdhouse

If you’re one of those people who likes birds or have a friend who likes them, you might want to make yourself or this friend a nice present for outdoor decorating – a bird house or a bird feeder. There are plenty of them out there but now of them worth a mention. Here are some cool and cute models that we gathered for you around the internet.

Vintage Camper Birdhouse


This birdhouse is inspired by the Shasta campers of the 1950’s. The color scheme is creme over Yellow with a thin black stripe. The aluminum door is both a design accent and a deterrent to squirrels, while the curved awning is just pure style. Features a slide out bottom for easy cleaning, durable and stable marine grade plywood construction, brass fasteners and one and one half inch entry hole. Curently sold but could be available at Etsy again.

The Pigeon Hole Motel


Handmade birdhouse by SF artists Luke Bartels and Jeff Canham, as part of their “For the Birds” show at the Curiosity Shoppe. It comes with branch shelf for optional wall mounting. Avaiable at the Curiosity Shoppe.

Big Brother Birdhouse


This birdhouse looks like it’s watching your every move. Hang it near your house and your neighbors won’t dare steal your garden hose. When it’s time for a house cleaning, just unscrew the two little screws in the back et voila. The model is called ‘Wolfgang S.’ a reference to the hawkish German Minister of the Interior Wolfgang Schauble who likes spying on everyone in the name of security. It’s designed by Dennis Nino Clasen. Available at Sleekidentity for $98.

Bodega Bird House


The design of this birdhouse is a combination of modern form and traditional materials. Matte-glazed stoneware buildings topped by recycled teak roofs hang from rope & stainless steel hardware. Beatitiful hanging from a tree or on your patio. {Rare Device}

Roost by Hepper


This mini-modern birds home is perfect for those who likes beautiful design. The Roost is a perfect place for bringing up a family of cheepers. Available at Hepper for $59.

Sleek and modern bird feeders


These feeders are finely crafted, looks like works of art and don’t remind each other. They are made of stainless steel so their life cycle should be very long even in extreme weather conditions. All of them have stainless steel rods which are inserted through them. These rods serve as perches for birds. All bird feeders can be finished in a variety of enamel colors so you can get a perfect outdoor accessory that will show your love to birds and good modern design.

Read more: https://www.digsdigs.com/sleek-and-modern-bird-feeders-by-joe-papendick/#ixzz0vXJJLqY1

Eva Solo Bird Feeder


Eva Solo feeder ball is made from mouth-blown glass and designed to withstand wind, weather and beating wings. The ball can easily be suspended from bushes, trees and the eaves of your house. It’s available at Eva Solo.

Bird of a Feather Bird House


Tthis hanging house is specific to House Wrens, and accommodating their nesting needs. Topped with Western Red Cedar, this charming little wren house has a window box frame and planter with decorative flowers. Fully functional, this house has a bottom panel that can be easily removed for yearly cleaning. Comes with a sturdy brass chain. It’s available at The Backyard Bird Company for $25.

Roost Utopia Bird Feeders


Borosilicate glass is mouth blown to form unique bird feeders in modern shapes. Display inside or fill with birdseed for outdoor use. Each comes with a 24″ birdseed for outdoor use. Each comes with a 24-inch length of twine for hanging. Available in 2 shapes for $85 each.

Coconut Birdhouse


This birdhouse is a DIY project that you easily can done by yourself. Check out the step-by-step guide on Instructables.

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Hepper Roost Red Bird House
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The Pigeon Hole Motel
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Vintage Camper Birdhouse
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Coconut Birdhouse
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Sleek And Modern Bird Feeder